Friday, January 9, 2009

False advertising

I like the Trader Joe’s. They house some yummy health stuff not so over priced you have hock your big wheel for a cheese wheel. But I got a bone to pick. I stopped in over the holidays to pick up some stocking treats for all the good little boys and girls. One of the items selected, entirely based on product packaging of course, was the Cherry Pie Larabar. Now friends, you don’t mess with cherry pie. It is, or it ain’t. Real cherry pie was handed down by god to be enjoyed by Americans while watching baseball on TV. It’s great tasting, terrible for ya, nuff said. These fools took some kind of trail food and thought they would sell more by slapping cherry pie on it! The nerve. Just cause it has a few cherries in it, does not make it pie! Call it what it is people, hippy grub bar,…with cherry. Now my three year old can’t get enough, and I don’t blame him, it’s pretty good food stuff. But can you picture the anger and confusion he would feel when he got hold of the real deal? I would sooner explain Santa and the Easter bunny. Think of the children people! You have some responsibility!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Food for thought

I was just filing the dish washer. When I put in the soap powder I noticed these little blue flecks. “Flavor Crystals” I thought! Well okay, I guess these are spit-shine crystals, but same Idea. It got me thinking about the first time I saw something marketed as having Flavor Crystals. Dammed if I can remember, but if you can make flavor crystals, why not just sell them in a bottle. I want to sprinkle some smoked gouda crystals on my cheese wiz to kick it up a notch. But then again, why not just make it taste good in the first place? I bet there would be a market for Bree wiz?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Google "Image" Collage Challenge 002 – Testface – Interplanet Janet ~ The Reply

Testface has made reply to my "Interplanet Janet" challenge with this fetching Galaxy Gal. Beautiful image brother D.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I love the ugly ones

I have a propensity for repulsive shoes. I was casing the garden catalogs for bright yellow clogs long before Crocs came on the scene. Every year I visit the HighTech outlet in Oakdale California and politely ask the shop keeper for a size twelve ugly. I am rarely disappointed. They have some serious ugly in that place. Typically for under thirty bucks. Rock! This year I found the best junior spaceman/neon hunter/hippopotamus rapper kicks I have ever seen. The only problem, they only come in kid sizes. Dammit anyway.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

O's game - United game.

For the last few years my buddy M.C. Homemade has come to town once a summer when the Sox are here for a stretch with the Birds. He's here for a visit with family for sure, but also because you can get a cheap seat at the yard for $12. Cheapest seat in Bean Town is like $80. Ouch. He can see 2 or 3 games here and it's a bargain. I like baseball all right, but I meet my boy for a chance to hang out and catch up in person. At heart I am a soccer fan.

What I have noticed the last couple of years, is that there are as many or more Red Sox fans at the game, than than there are Baltimore fans. Wow.

Here is a telling video I shot. Everyone is just happy to be there.

That's cool I guess. But I like a little old fashion emotion when a rival comes to town. Like when the Cowboys come to FedEx. Cowboy's fans are welcome, but don't think the concessions gal isn't going to spit in your $15 beer.

Now for me, at a DC United game you are more likely to find some real hometown fans. For about $20 you can get a cheap seat, then move just about anywhere and get away with it. I like to sit behind Barra Brava. Yell, scream, throw your beer in the air, chant and cuss. Yup, that's a game. These fans don't sit for the entire game. The fight songs run from one into the next and everyone knows the words. Here is a clip I took in the tunnel at half time.

MC, next trip I'll take you to chocolate city for a game while you are in town.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Google "Image" Collage Challenge 002 – Testface – Interplanet Janet

Yo Testface!


Make a collage based on title given, using only images found via Google “Image” search. Resolution should be as high as possible given obvious restrictions. (for future project)

You may interpret title any way you like.

Once you have accepted said challenge you may impose your own title on said challenger.

When complete post your response image with whatever shit talking you deem appropriate, and email a copy to your opponent.

Time frame, ….when you get it done. Though shit talking may accompany a lengthy contest.

Judgment, … everyone wins.

Your first challenge title, should you chose to accept it.

“Interplanet Janet” (because it’s stuck in my head)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I can think of a few foreheads I might plant a stamp like this on around the office.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai

As much as I love The Last Dragon, if you have not seen Buckaroo Banzai, get ye self a copy today. Top notch 80's B. I'll lend you my copy if need be!

"Laugh while you can, monkey boy!"

Bunny ear project - Geico Gecko


I have a lot of friends on both sides of the fence lobbing terrific political humor at me via email. This was one of the most creative : )

Lottie Davies

Daniel Vader


A couple of really fantastic images by Lottie Davies. She has promised not to sue me if I include a link to her site.

She thought it was important to mention she didn't pose Daniel, just asked him to go outside. That's really what's cool about kids and what I like about the image. Kids don't worry about how they look until they are told they should. I hope my son wants to wear his pirate costume to school. I think cool needs to be reevaluated.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sho Nuff, a video response

Sho Nuff! Do you remember the b movie the last dragon? I frigging love it! The hero, seen for a second in the middle of this clip, looks a lot like the guy in the middle of a photo posted by Testface here. Third photo down, top step, center. Dig it. Testface rocks!

Oh, and...

"I'm Rick James Bitch!"

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Black Cat 15th Anniversary Party with Gray Matter

I went to see Gray Matter the other night at the Black Cat. I went to high school with Mark, one of the guitar players. The drummer is the club owner. This was a reunion show to celebrate 15 years in business. One of the few places in DC to see the music they don't play on the radio. I spent a lot of time at the Black Cat when I first moved back to the area seeing ska shows. Didn't get a chance to catch up with Mark, but had a good time with a few other buddies from an era long gone, but remembered fondly : ) I was going to dead shows when the punk scene was happening in DC, but here are a couple of my favorite Gray Matter songs off of the only punk vinyl I own : )

Great cover - I Am The Walrus

Caffeine Blues

Speaking of School House Rock

As long as I can remember 3 has been my favorite number.

U - Arrested Development

Hands down my favorite hip-hop song. EVER. Listen close and see if you can find the school house rock reference. : ) If I could have a personal theme song this would be it. Smoooooooth.

Monday, September 15, 2008

DMA - makes my green hurt

I signed up for a free online spew offered by the Direct Marketing Association in July. Turned out I wasn't able to jack in during the allotted time. No big deal, it was free. Or was it. I received an invoice. An invoice for zero dollars. The DMA spent 42¢, a sheet of paper, and a number 10 envelope to let me know I don't owe them a dime. Is this a sneaky new marketing scheme I missed the memo on? Good one, totally got me guys! I feel your brand awareness blossoming in my subconscious.